We offer more than tax preparation services; we offer financial confidence that your affairs are being handled properly and expertly, and that you will never pay more than you should for your taxes.


Incorporated Consultants

For the one-person consulting business who wants to stay compliant and needs occasional guidance.


  • Annual Corporate Tax and GST/HST returns

  • Owner compensation (salary vs dividends)

Price: starting at $2,500 annually


Late-Career Engineers with Multiple Income Sources

You’re in or near retirement and you need some planning and ongoing support to avoid tax surprises.


  • Business bookkeeping

  • Business and personal tax planning

  • Income optimization / tax minimization for your business, retirement and investment income

  • All tax returns, business and personal

Price: starting at $5,000 annually


Serial Entrepreneur

You have several businesses and you need real-time data, planning, and analysis, as well as quick access to your advisors, to help you make your best financial decisions throughout the year


  • Research, analysis, and recommendations on potential outcomes

  • Monthly or quarterly financial reporting and forecasts

  • Personal tax planning and forecasting

  • All tax returns

  • Unlimited meetings and phone calls

Price: starting at $12,000 annually

One-Time Services

One Hour Incorporation Strategy Session

For the consultant setting up a corporation, and you’re getting conflicting information from your friends and the internet.

In a single session we can answer your high-level questions, like:

  • How do I set up a corporation?

  • How do I pay myself?

  • What expenses can I deduct?

  • How do I run a corporation properly?

  • What tax returns do I need to file?

What’s included:  Sessions take place either on Zoom or on the phone. Most sessions last 45 minutes to one hour; more time can be added if needed. Afterward you will receive a link to a recording of the session.

Price: $395

Purchase with confidence guarantee: if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, I will refund your purchase in full


Half Day Intensive: Strategy and Planning Session

For the established business owner looking for advice without the commitment of a move to another accountant just yet.

We’ll start with a high-level analysis of your current financial picture.

Then we’ll talk about your biggest current financial challenge.

Possible session topics include:

  • You’re concerned that your current accountant / accounting solution isn’t the best but you’re not really sure why

  • You want to review your current accounting system and get advice on:

    •  whether it will fit future needs,

    • recommended improvements, and/or

    • options for a new accounting solution

  • You want to review prior year tax returns and get some reassurance you paid the least amount of tax

  • You’ve run your business on your own and now you’re considering adding some staff to grow your business to the next level

  • You’re considering investing in another business, and you’re not fully confident you have all the information you need to avoid tax surprises

What’s included: a 30 minute pre-session planning call, then a 3 – 4  hour session (more time can be added if needed) on Zoom, followed by a recording of the session and a written high-level summary of what we talked about, including links to helpful resources

Price: $1,750