You’re making important financial decisions and
you have better things to do than burn time keeping up with tax rules.

  • You’re more than capable of looking after the different money buckets yourself, but you have better things to do.
  • You’re wondering what you might be missing that could cost you more tax than you need to pay.
  • You have multiple income sources and you’re tired of explaining your complex situation to a different person at your accountant’s office each time you need advice.

Work with someone who:

  • Understands your whole financial picture
  • Will deliver real-time data
  • Will provide insights when you need them
  • Explains things to you at a level you understand
  • Works directly with you
  • Gets back to you quickly

Develop a complete money and tax plan

1.  Set up an initial meeting

  • We'll discuss your:

    • business goals

    • pain points

    • unanswered questions

2. Develop a financial plan

  • I'll help you choose a service package that aligns with:

    • your goals

    • your values

    • your family's needs

3. Make your best financial decisions

  • Meet regularly (or not at all!) to keep you on track

  • Help you run scenarios when big decisions come up