(Yup you might need to re-read that so take your time, let it slowly sink in….) What many of us dread, Laurie loves!
So why on earth does Laurie love accounting and taxes so much?
Because she cares deeply about people, and cares even more deeply that her ‘people’ never feel the angst and anxiety that often comes with taxes and finance. She also believes that “Taxes are a necessary part of the privilege of living in such a wonderful country, and I love showing people how to pay only the correct amount.”  Whether you are a small business owner or just someone who needs to pay taxes Laurie can help.
For Laurie, her profession is her passion. With a keen eye for detail she can calmly and meticulously untangle any of your financial puzzles. Thoughtful and analytical, Laurie finds sensible solutions that fit into your life. She is the ultimate warm-hearted accountant and she will put you at ease with a solid understanding of how business and personal finance fit together. And when Laurie is involved, they do fit together – honest!
As you might expect home is also where Laurie’s heart beats loudly. Here she brings her trademark ability to see what truly matters and foster the same confidence she brings to business owners. Hikes, bikes and books also fit nicely into life at home.


A clear thinker, Laurie has a stellar reputation in the industry. Having worked for one of Canada’s largest accounting firms for over ten years, Laurie was exposed to a wide range of businesses, accounting and tax processes.
She is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) as well as being a dedicated life-long learner. Specializing in customized tax and accounting solutions her designations require a high standard of conduct and ethics and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Equal parts training and experience allow Laurie to integrate the best of contemporary and emerging management techniques, solid accounting experience and leadership development. Effectively assessing and interpreting financial data that provide meaningful results, her work becomes the difference-maker most of us are searching for.
In 2007 she added entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments when she created her own firm and she has never looked back. “The opportunity I now have to fully engage with my clients and care both for them personally and professionally means everything to me. I am not a quick-fix short-term consultant.  I really love what I do,” says Laurie “and I think when something brings you joy you want to share it and this desire is the foundation of everything I do.”
Her passion is contagious! Many of her clients can hardly believe that they actually look forward to working with Laurie to financially manage their business and life. She might not make an accountant out of you but the process will be transformative and the journey clarifying. She will acknowledge where you are, and open the door to where you can go. (And it’s not into the closet where the monster hides!)
Working with Laurie you will be touched by her kindness, inspired by her business acumen, and you’ll pay your taxes with confidence and likely a smile too.

Joy + taxes . . . who knew?